We are thrilled to launch our new addition to The Door Bag Collection – Mini Door.

The design thinking behind the mini door bag was inspired by the times we live in. Everything has become more minimalistic, but we have the need to carry more accessories with us, such as Airpods, hand sanitizer and those items are the ones we need to eliminate rooting in a bag for. My thinking is to turn the bag inside out by incorporating rings to the shoulder strap to attach these accessories to, we have designed carry cases for accessories such as sanitiser, petit purse and Airpods to clip onto the exterior of the bag. This preserves the space in the bag for other items such as your phone, makeup and maintains a petit and versatile luxury bag.

Like my grandfather Ted Carbery who despite losing the use of his right-hand side, found a way make his functional leather goods. Our design process embraces this survival approach to create products that are striking to look at, and extremely practical to use. A function that you are not expecting from an uncompromising luxury product

I hope you will love it as much as we do.

Bren & Team Ted  

February 27, 2021 — Kasia Gaborec-McEvoy