The past few months have been challenging for everyone across the globe. At My Name is TED we strive to create products of value, to an uncompromising luxurious level and with functionality that enhances people’s lives with ultimate practicality. HandySan is a compact design it comes complete with a luxury 50ml refillable bottle, made from recycled plastic, and includes a gold and black colour spray cap for ease of use without the need to open and close the bottle. As we are living in a very different world now and the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones is paramount, that inspired us to design a stylish, adaptable, and lasting solution to carry your very own personal hand sanitiser with you everywhere.

 As a husband and wife team, with two young kids we often found while out and about, we didn’t have hand sanitiser with us when we need it most. This inspired us to create a practical solution to an everyday problem. Like my grandfather Ted Carbery who despite losing the use of his right-hand side, found a way make his functional leather goods. Our design process embraces this survival approach to create products that are striking to look at, and extremely practical to use. A function that you are not expecting from an uncompromising luxury product


The adaptable luxury leather carry case for hand sanitisers is designed to clip onto your bag, belt or car keys to always be there for you. A stylish companion eliminating the need to search or dig for your sanitiser!

Feel good & Stay Safe x

February 19, 2021 — Kasia Gaborec-McEvoy