Sustainability within

Part of our mission is to lead and change in the way luxury handbags are produced. Starting with sourcing our materials, working with ethical tanneries and factories, incorporating more circularity, implementing process innovations, and designing our handbags for long-life – committing to minimizing waste in every step.

We believe in maximising efficiency in every step of our sourcing and production. We produce in limited quantities and often launch styles on pre-order, so that we can react better to our customers’ demands and avoid carrying excess inventory,
avoiding waste in the process.

We value every single person that helps make our creations, we believe in rewarding them and creating values that we can all align to and enjoy every single day.


For us, ensuring the highest levels of animal welfare and traceability means working with the highest quality leather and having the lowest possible impact on the planet. All of the leathers used by us are a by-product of food production
and sourced from Italy.

All our leather suppliers are certified by the European Leather Working Group and all of them have been awarded Silver and
Gold ratings, guaranteeing the highest standards of sustainability and sourcing.

We pride ourselves in using 100% natural, vegetable tanned full grain Italian leather. Produced in the heart of Tuscany in the
city of Ponte a Egola, our Tannery follow ancient tanning processes. It takes two months to produce our raw materials. This
natural tanning process means that with time our leather will continue to gain character and deepen in colour. Full grain leather it is the most natural form of raw material.

Each hyde has individual characteristics and blemishes unlike other less natural layers such as Top Grain which is the second layer below and Genuine Leather which is the third layer down.

Solid Brass & Ruthenium Platinum Hardware

Our hardware is custom made in Italy by our master craftsmen based in Milan. We use Ruthenium from the Platinum family, Solid Brass and Lightly Brushed Old Brass. Each piece is custom designed and hand made to obtain our luxurious finish.


Our linings not only add character but functionality. We hand select the materials in Italy and Spain. The luxurious quality, appearance and feel of our linings give the inside of our bags as much beauty, function and character as the outside. Our messenger bags feature check design lining and our signature briefcase collection feature microfiber suede. We have personalised the lining of our mini messenger range to our distinctive Mustard Gold Silk cloth.


Each of our bags are cut and handstitched by Master Craftsmen and women. It can take up to 16 hours from start to finish and thats not including the manufacturing time for our raw materials. We test the functionality and reliability of each design for a minimum of 6 months before going into production. That is how we guarantee you luxurious quality and superior functionality.