Ted Carbery set up a thriving business in Mountmellick, Co. Laoise, in the heart of Ireland, with two leather workshops: one serving his wholesale customers with bags, belts and wallets, the second with a focus on the local community, servicing them with essential repairs of almost anything the community would ask him to repair. 

He built a reputation as a very skilled and talented craftsman in the Emerald Island. Since 1942 Ted Carbery’s bags and accessories have shared in the stories of families the length and breath of Ireland.


Ted loses the use of his right hand side, is left speechless and without his memory. Ted’s road to recovery lasted three years and led to him creating leather pieces using his mouth and left hand, a practice he continued for the rest of his life. Whilst originally forced to pivot and reinvent himself in order to support his family of eleven, he proudly continued to service the local community and reported always did so with a smile.


Kasia and Brendan, Ted’s grandson, discover the story of Ted over a family meal during which Ted’s diary is mentioned and later on presented to them. This diary showcases every step of his recovery and in addition to this, gives instructions on how to make leather bags and accessories. The diary starts with the now famous words “My name is Ted Carbery” which subsequently becomes the name of our brand. Kasia and Brendan read Ted’s diary in detail and studies every design and detail, concluding in the husband and wife team to revive the family tradition.


Inspired by Ted’s incredible story of survival and creativity, the brand My Name is Ted is born with a range of men’s bags and accessories that adapt to your lifestyle, with extra functionality that would not typically be associated with luxury bags and accessories.

We combine uncompromising luxury standards and ultimate practicality in everything we create.


My Name is Ted launches its first women’s collection “The Doorbag Collection”, inspired by Georgian Doors of Ireland.


My Name is Ted secures their first major luxury retail listing in Brown Thomas on Dublin’s Grafton Street. The brand has since expanded their retail footprint to stores in New York, Singapore and the UK.


My Name is Ted is launching in the USA with a first trade fair exhibit at Coterie NYC and becomes a whirlwind success stateside. The brand is fast establishing a reputation for exceptional standards of functionality, practicality and most of all, its uncompromising luxury standards of only the finest Italian leather and brass hardware. The well known signature Door Bag Collection has fans and proud owners around the world from Ireland, to New York and Singapore and the world over.


Kasia and Brendan continue the family heritage and tradition today in their purpose build studio and showroom in Mullingar. Co Westmeath, Ireland. With the brand growing globally, the mission remains the same: creating timeless functional designs that are handcrafted to last for generations for customers to share from one family member to the next. My Name is Ted’s ultimate goal is to become a household name around the world, recognised for its uncompromising standard and innovative products Inspired by Life.